The Indian “tuk-tuk” set a world speed record. Video

Индийский «тук-тук» установил мировой рекорд скорости. Видео

The official record listed in the Guinness World Records.

Tuk-tuk is a passenger motorbike is common in India and other countries. Such three-wheeled scooters are not very powerful and fast, but one definitely is the exception, reports the with reference to the channel 24.

A resident of York in England was once on a visit to India. A man named Matt Everard drank English ale in a pub and being drunk ordered on eBay a tuk tuk brand Apinya. Over 20 thousand pounds! The tricycle was later taken to England and although was not needed Matt to welcome not wasted, the new owner undertook to bring it to mind.

He released the teaser for the last episode of the series “Chernobyl” from HBO. Video

Together with his buddy named Russell, Matt was able to overclock his tuk-tuk to 74,306 miles per hour is at 119.6 km/h.

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