The IDF has developed a system to counter anti-tank missiles

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 The IDF has developed a system to counter anti-tank missiles

In recent years, the IDF has paid great attention to protecting military and civilians from anti-tank missile attacks near the border line. In November 2018, the Kornet-type missile was released in the “Black Obelisk” on the border with Gaza and got into a bus with IDF soldiers. The bus was completely burned down, and a soldier standing nearby was seriously injured. In May 2019, an Israeli citizen was killed by an anti-tank missile near Kibbutz Erez.

In response to this, during Operation “Dawn” last August, the IDF blocked roads and blocked the border area with Gaza. The outgoing commander of the 481st Battalion of the Gaza Division, Lt. Col. Idan Hariri, and the chief of intelligence, Lt. Col. Eli Beaton, decided in 2020 to take the initiative and contribute to the development of a system that will counter anti-tank missiles.

“We analyzed these events and thought about what is the common denominator and how we can be better in the next battle to develop another mechanism, for example, warning forces that are in danger,” Hariri said. We realized that we see a similar potential in “Mayak” (Elbit command and control system), and began the process of characterization, research and development together with Mitzpan (military command, control and control systems).

At the beginning of 2022, the system was launched and is now defined as operational. “The system is able to determine in advance the directions and lines of action of anti-tank missiles in threatened areas. We have combined them on a digital map. We have considered every path, every field, wadi and hill. We have pinpointed areas down to meters where there is and is not a danger of being hit, and we have created a system that knows how to alert military and civilians within seconds when forces enter a threatened area. It's an automatic system,” Hariri continued. “As soon as the warning is received, we start counting the time, because there are only a few minutes to withdraw forces from the area. We did all sorts of drills before Operation Dawn to train the forces in how to operate the system.

During Operation “Dawn” the main effort of the IDF was aimed at preventing the anti-tank units of the “Islamic Jihad” cause damage to Israeli vehicles, soldiers and civilians. In dozens of cases, the system has warned of troops entering areas threatened by missiles and saved lives. In Hariri's words, “If it's a tank that has 'Meil Ha Ruach' (anti-missile system), then we allow it to be in the threatened area, but if it is another force that has no protection, we warn it to change position and move to another area. Most of our work is done in the early hours and the critical period of the operation until the forces figure out what is allowed and what is forbidden. We are able to identify absolutely everyone who is in the area. During Operation “Dawn” we have proven that this system saves lives.

will be integrated with the home front command application, which will warn citizens not only about missile alerts, but also about entering the threatened zone. The system is currently integrated on the Syrian-Lebanese border to combat the Hezbollah anti-tank missile threat.

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