The identity of the Tajik who shot the mobilized in Belgorod has been established

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 The identity of the Tajik who shot the mobilized in Belgorod was established

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The identity of one of the dead Tajiks involved in the shooting at the mobilized in Belgorod has been established. It is reported by “Radio Ozodi”. As a result of shooting at the training ground of the Western Military District, 11 people were killed and 15 were injured. The deceased was 24-year-old Ehson Aminzod (Ehsoni Tojiddin). He worked in one of the Moscow restaurants. According to his brother, Firuz Aminzoda, Ehson moved to Russia seven months ago to earn money. "My brother did not have Russian citizenship, he worked under a patent. Now I was summoned to the military prosecutor's office. Yesterday I was informed about what happened. How he ended up in Belgorod, we do not know. The brother was not a terrorist, and he had no such thoughts. He is an ordinary immigrant who wanted to work and build his life”, & ndash; he noted. According to Firuz, on October 10, his brother told him that he was going to meet his friends at Lyublino. After that, his phone was switched off. Only on the 16th did the family learn of his death. “My brother was not a radical,” said Firouz. According to one of the friends of the deceased, that evening he said that he met some familiar guys near the Lyublino metro station; and come home late. "But then he disappeared. We all looked for him and thought that he had gone to his friends or returned to Tajikistan. He was not radical, no different from other young people. If he were an Islamic radical, he would never work in a restaurant,” he said.

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