The husband of the teacher accused of rape: there was nothing

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 Husband of teacher accused of rape: nothing happened

The husband of a teacher from the north of Israel who was accused of raping a student gave an interview to 103FM radio.

in custody for one day.

The teacher's husband, in an interview with journalist Guy Peleg, said: “This is a very difficult situation, I am absolutely convinced that it has nothing to do with the charges”.

The husband added that his wife always shared with him about what was going on at school, including in her relationship with the student featured in the allegations: “Everything was aimed at helping. I don't know, maybe there was a kiss, maybe she hugged her – but nothing more.

The husband said, “We get a lot of support from the kibbutz and from the family. We hope that all this will pass as quickly as possible.

The girl's lawyer, meanwhile, reports that she is hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic and “completely broken”. The girl studied at a special educational institution and had previously tried to commit suicide several times.

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