The human mind is like a quantum computer

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 The human mind is like a quantum computer

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A new study suggests that our mind actually has a lot in common with a quantum computer.

The findings not only increase knowledge about the basics of quantum mechanics, they can explain, for example why our brains are still outperforming supercomputers at tasks like making decisions or learning new information.

“We adapted an idea developed for experiments to prove the existence of quantum gravity”,– says University of Dublin physicist Christian Kerskens.

The study explores the idea of ​​”quantum entanglement”. In other words, entanglement or interconnection between known systems can only occur if the intermediate system in the middle – unknown system – also operates at the quantum level. Although the unknown system cannot be studied directly, its effects can be observed, as in the case of quantum gravity.

Using a revolutionary technique, researchers have been able to see brain neural signals that are usually undetectable with MRI, and it is believed that they appeared because the protons in the brain were “entangled”, that is, they acted at the quantum level.

The brain functions that illuminated the MRI readings were associated with short-term memory and awareness, and this points out that quantum processes play a crucial role in consciousness and learning, suggests Kerskens.

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