The Hong Kong government upholds a ban on same-sex marriage

Правительство Гонконга отстаивает запрет на однополые браки

In Hong Kong will defend the ban on gay marriage.

The proceedings began after a local resident filed a lawsuit against the government in the court of first instance, trying to lift the ban on civil unions with a partner of your gender. According to her statement, current regulations contradict the Constitution, according to the with reference to

The publication estimates her chances of winning as low: the traditional understanding of marriage defending the conservative city authorities. Says state counsel Stewart Wong, in the case of the legalization of same-sex unions, marriage between a man and a woman will lose value and “will cease to be something special.”

May 24, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriages. Dozens of gays and lesbians formed alliances immediately after the corresponding decree was signed by the President of the country.

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The survey, in 2018, University of Hong Kong, showed that 50 per cent of the population support legalization. This figure has increased by 12 percent. Homosexual relations were decriminalized in 1991. Since then LGBT activists have tried to overturn the ban, but the judicial decisions were not in their favor.

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