The ‘Home Cinema’ platform offers animated short films by Vladimir Leshchov and ‘Rags’

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The ‘Home Cinema’ platform offers animated short films by Vladimir Leshchov and ‘Rags’

The November selection of the “Kino Bizes” online platform “Home Cinema” offers a selection of animation in two parts – a film by Vladimir Leshchov for adults and a short film for children by the animation studio “Atom Art”.

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According to Paula Bērziņa, a representative of “Kino Bize”, animation director Vladimirs Leščovs, being a walker of the author’s cinema and a solver of universal themes, is one of those directors whose circle of fans in the world exceeds the local audience, gaining international attention with his first films and receiving awards. festivals. As Vladimir Leshchov himself admits, there are so many prizes that they are stacked in boxes in the basement. For the director, filmmaking is his main occupation and his whole life. He mostly makes films alone – he writes scripts, draws images, frames, creates basic animations and even paints drawings; “It’s a very time-consuming and thorough job – it’s the artist’s life, meditation and misery.”

The films are made in the classic animation technique, but painted in a variety of ways – watercolors are used for pigments and sometimes even experimented with coffee and tea, without missing out on digital inserts. His animated short films radiate a recognizable warmth and a special love for detail, creating symbolic narrative lines. The short animation format does not prevent the director from creating a unique world of story full of surprises, the characters of which are at the same time very recognizable, but also unusual especially and possible only in Leshchov’s works.

The “Rags” film series, created by the founder and director of the animation studio “Atom Art”, is intended for the youngest viewers. They were created by the poetess and founder of the children’s book publishing house “Liels un mazs” Inesi Zanderi. “Rupatiņi” tells about four children of fabric – Sock, Glove, Handkerchief and Pillow. Friends live in a beautiful cloth house and get to know the world. Rags spoken by children live in a beautiful cloth house and get to know the world through games. They get to play very well, but they still have a lot to learn – how to behave at the table, how to count, how to take a bath. A total of nine short series films are offered.

Selections of films are available on the “Kino Bize” platform “Home Cinema”.

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