The High Court rejected the lawsuit of the Yosh authorities against Michaeli: no evidence

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 The High Court dismissed the lawsuit of Yosh authorities against Michaeli: no evidence

The Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by Eshkol Yosh against the Minister of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority, Meirav Michaeli.

In his ruling, Judge Khaled Kabov wrote that “this court does not replace the decision of authorized state bodies with its own decision, since the task of the court is to verify not the reasonableness of an administrative decision, but its legitimacy.”

“It should be noted that the plaintiff did not bother to prove the presence of extraneous considerations in the circumstances of the case. Claims of this kind should not be brought casually, much less on the basis of a factual basis as such. The provisions presented in this claim acquire additional validity due to the fact that an exhaustive and detailed answer was received to the applicant's requirements And he was even given the opportunity to voice his requirements and receive clarifications the next day after his application, and bearing in mind that his needs not only did not go unnoticed, but that the authorities even made an appointment for him to tour and study his needs in the field”, & mdash; the judge added.

Party "Labor" responded: “We are working to advance the pilot project in the cluster to be selected in the coming days, along with headquarters to advance the national five-year plan throughout Israel, once the new government is established. We will continue to work closely with Eshkol Yosh and effective cooperation to reduce road traffic injuries and prevent grief, pain and suffering for many families.”

This petition comes amid a high number of road traffic accidents throughout Judea and Samaria. The latest death occurred in last Monday. The petition alleges that “Yoshsky district suffers from traffic accidents, deaths and injuries, in significant and extreme numbers – in comparison with other regions, and it is clear that the final result, in which the applicant was ranked ninth out of 11 districts, is unreasonable at first glance.Moreover, the discrimination caused within the calling voice is invalid discrimination based in political/party positions that have no place in an egalitarian budget.”

Yosh emphasized that the percentage of serious accidents (including fatalities or serious injuries) in relation to the total length of roads in district – at least three times higher than in any other district in the State of Israel.

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