The heirs episode 1: watch online the new Ukrainian series

Спадкоємці 1 серія: дивитись онлайн новий український серіал

watching the Heirs online

From 2 Dec on Ukrainian television launched a new show “the Heirs”. Viewers can already watch the first series. Watch online premiere episode!

The series “Heirs” is full of unexpected plot lines, mystery, intrigue. The plot revolves around the complicated story of the Orlov family. The main characters have to overcome many trials and convict of treason and deception.

December 2, the audience saw the first episode of the series. Find out what happened!

The heirs episode 1

Plot. The head of the family Orlov anniversary! On the celebration of the birth of Nikolai Orlovand invited respected audience. On this occasion, the birthday boy gave a Grand celebration.

Among the guests also the other youth of the protagonist Vladimir Sukhov with her daughter Sonya. Fun end up a kind of surprise – the attempt on the life of Nikolai Orlov. The suspects – the whole family!

It turns out that a large family of Orlov not so happy. Outward appearance is just a maskand actually relatives want to get the money Nicholas and hate each other.

Eagles survives and realizes that things got out of control. Now his main goal is to investigate treason and conspiracy. His assistant, Nikolai chooses another young Vladimir Sukhov, who has ulterior motives to gain the confidence of eagles. At the same time, Sonia finds out what really happens in the life of a large family.

Watch online series “the Heirs” episode 1 from 02-12-2019

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