The heirs 7, 8 series: watch online fascinating Ukrainian series

Спадкоємці 7, 8 серія: дивитись онлайн захопливий український серіал

The TV series “the Heirs” won the Ukrainian spectators. New 7 and 8 series of the crime drama was released on the channel TRK “Ukraine” on December 6. Watch online or surprised with fresh episodes!

The events of the series “Heirs” revolves around the family of the head of “chicken Empire” Nikolay Orlov. The Grand celebration of the anniversary of the Orlov, which a friend of his youth Vladimir Sukhov arrived with her daughter Sonja, ends with the attempted assassination of the birthday boy. Fall under suspicion, all members of the vast family of Orlov, who cleverly hide behind a facade of well-being mutual dislike and desire to get money Nicholas.

Miraculously surviving, Orlov discovers that has no control over neither the business nor the family, and tries to uncover the “conspiracy”, however, Sukhov, whom he elects with the right hand in this investigation, has its hidden motive to gain the confidence of Nicholas. Sonia Also needs to know what really lies behind the picture of the “rich and beautiful” life Orlov …

After 20 years, two completely different family – the “heaven” and eagles “simple” Shove – again are bound to struggle against an unknown enemy and the consequences of the mistakes of their past. What will be their fate? We offer you to read the synopsis fresh episodes of “the Heirs”!

7 series

Sonya tells Roma that he learned from Nicholas while working on his memoirs. Now she wants to unearth the truth about the past of their parents, they have reason to hide. Together they go to a friend’s Sonno mom. Common cause brings together lovers at first, but, wanting to impress Sonia, Roma squanders money, and she says that they are from different worlds.

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8 series

Sukhov tells Nicholas that Herman tried to hide the shortage by borrowing money from the Bank Chikusa bail fast food, and then they also gave him for free. Nicholas the whole house screaming that he would kill Herman with his own hands. Sonia and Roma continue the study of the history of the magazine, but they fight again because of divergent views.

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