The heaviest strawberry in the world was grown in Israel: video

 World's heaviest strawberry grown in Israel: video

A giant strawberry, weighing 289 grams, grown in Israel, was recognized as the heaviest ever recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

It is reported on the Guinness World Records website.

The record-breaking berry is 18 centimeters long, 4 centimeters thick and has a circumference of a whopping 34 centimeters.

was grown on the plantation Strawberries in the Field, owned by the Ariel family. The plantation is located in Kadima-Zoran.

The weight of the fruit was even compared with the weight of the iPhone XR and, as it turned out, the smartphone weighs almost 100 grams less than the powerful berry.

The previous record was set by a berry weighing 250 g grown in Japan.

@guinnessworldrecords Heaviest #strawberry 🍓 289 g (10.19 oz), grown by Ariel Chahi 🇮🇱 #fruit ♬ original sound – Guinness World Records

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