The healthcare system is on the brink

The healthcare system is on the brink

Coordinator of the fight against coronavirus Salman Zarka is concerned about the increase in the number of severe cases of coronavirus in Israel.

He provided the corresponding comment to the radio station Galei IDF. < br />
& quot; Data is unstable. I am concerned about the increase in the number of critically ill patients. The healthcare system is on the brink of & quot ;, & ndash; warned Zarka.

According to the professor, there is such a large influx of hospitals that even patients without coronavirus end up in overcrowded wards.

“There are priorities. Opening schools & ndash; this is correct, but football fields and public events do not correspond to the morbidity picture that is observed in hospitals '', & ndash; he added.

His comment came after the news of the death of a 53-year-old man, who died of a heart attack, received widespread news. According to the Israeli media, there was no free ECMO apparatus for the patient.

According to Channel 12, as of Wednesday, 49 coronavirus patients were connected to extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machines, 30 of whom were not vaccinated.

A COVID-free man with a heart attack was hospitalized in a relatively small hospital In the north of the country. For several hours, the medical staff tried unsuccessfully to find another center that would have free ECMO. As a result, the man died without receiving the help he needed.

Back on Sunday, the heads of the hospitals warned that they were faced with a shortage of life support devices. They warned that Israel's health care system could be on the verge of collapse if additional funds are not immediately allocated.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus cabinet has not met for more than two weeks, despite the situation with the disease in the country. Among other things, no discussions are planned for the next few days.

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