The Haro Music Band honors ‘The Beatles’ at their El Mazo concert

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The Haro Music Band honors ‘The Beatles’ at their El Mazo concert

The Haro Municipal Music Band, directed by Ricardo Chiavetta, offered this past Sunday in the El Mazo area a fun concert in which they wanted to pay tribute to a mythical group such as ‘The Beatles’.

The public, gathered in the park located between Julián Fernández Ollero streets and Luis Cernunda pedestrian street, enjoyed the vermouth on the park’s terraces, the good weather and the music offered by the band.

On this occasion, the musical repertoire was made up of some requests from citizens made through email and social networks.


Citizen petitions

In the first part of the concert, the musicians of the band offered original works for wind and percussion orchestra, among which was, for example, a ‘rhapsody suite’, with Eastern European airs.

Already the second half of the repertoire was starred by pop-rock songs, among which a set of well-known songs by the band ‘The Beatles’ stood out, coinciding with the day on which it was 52 years since the publication of their latest album, ‘Abbey Road’.

The director of the band, Ricardo Chiavetta, wanted to thank the public that meets every day of the concert and the citizens who also participate with their requests.

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