The guy from the escort service said that women usually just do not have enough attention

25-year-old Steve does escort services. It have already nicknamed “Balinese boyfriend,” but not because of his sexuality and charm, and because of his amazing ability to guess the desires of women. He deals with clients in the age of 35-40 years, so knows exactly what they most need attention and not just sex.

“They just need me around. They really want someone to understand them and cared about them. It is much more than just sex,” admitted Steve.

He specializiruetsya on how to make a woman feel comfortable. He never charges for its services because it offers clients to self-assess his work. Actually, Steve just always tries to enjoy what makes so money does not play a key role in his life. He really likes his job. A job that makes women happy!

“I can always learn from them something new. I like to study women,” said Steve. He managed to understand what women need is not expensive gifts, and the romance and care. For example, walk on the beach, sunset dinners, sincere conversation…

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In General, Steve’s work is not the satisfaction of bodily needs and the satisfaction of a woman’s soul. Meeting with a new client, he immediately assumes the role of its men. He tries to be such a partner, who would like every woman. He listens, holds her hand, arranges a romantic walk under the open sky, when you can admire the beautiful stargazing…

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Steve gives women unforgettable emotions, for which they thank you very much!

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