The guy decided to feed 50 hungry sharks: video not for the faint of heart

Хлопець вирішив нагодувати 50 голодних акул: відео не для слабкодухих

Divers from Ireland dived to the Caribbean to feed 50 hungry sharks. What happened managed to capture on video one of his colleagues – David Hobbs.

Published in network video shows how the divers swim surrounded by swarms of sharks of different species: the Caribbean reef, tiger and nurse sharks. From time to time one of them opens a box of small fish and releases it in the sea, and predators greedily grab her. Despite the fact that tiger sharks are considered dangerous and aggressive fish in the video, they playfully swim around people without hurting them.

“We watched the madness that reigns in the pack of sharks at feeding time”, – said the man. He believes that everyone should at least once in your life try snorkeling with sharks.

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