The guy beaten to a pulp younger sister near Kiev: “the Girl was found in his underwear”

Парень забил до полусмерти младшую сестру под Киевом: "Девочку нашли в нижнем белье"

The police found near Kiev half-dead a girl of 12 years, which at the time of detection was in his underwear

The child saw the night workers Makarov police departments in the territory of one of the societies of the village Kalinovka. Traces of blood led police to a small trailer where there was an atrocity

Message about the disappearance of 12-year-old daughter came to the police from the residents of the urban-type settlement Makariv, after which the police found that 17-year-old boy along with his younger sister came to the place of their temporary residence — the trailer located in the village for money to buy vodka.

Парень забил до полусмерти младшую сестру под Киевом: "Девочку нашли в нижнем белье"

There’s a guy attacked the girl began struggling to beat hands and head with a frying pan until she lost consciousness. He then, to divert suspicion from himself, the guy pulled out what he thought was the lifeless body of a girl on the street and hid behind the toilet. And he returned to the trailer to remove the bloody evidence of a crime.

12-year-old victim was urgently hospitalized, doctors diagnosed her with a head injury, bruises of the limbs, trunk, multiple stab wounds and bruises on the face, abrasions on the neck and General hypothermia.

The originator of incident is detained, the police finds out event details. Upon attempt at a premeditated murder of the minor girl opened criminal proceedings. The issue of the announcement of suspicion to the attacker. Measure on the pre-trial investigation, he will elect the court.

Парень забил до полусмерти младшую сестру под Киевом: "Девочку нашли в нижнем белье"

Earlier inhabitants of the country was shaken by the incident with the student who ordered the murder of their loved ones. It is noted that the terrible incident happened in the Russian city of Sochi, and the main defendant in the case was 23-year-old young man who for the benefit of wanted to get rid of his family.

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Ways of committing murder, he searched the Internet. As the local media, the first time he personally snuck into the house in the night, but the parents noticed that the house is a stranger, then he had to hide.

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