The Guardian: every eighth Russian Jew left the country

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 The Guardian: every eighth Russian Jew left the country

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Israel prepared for a new wave of repatriations. Since then, about 13,000 Jewish Ukrainians have made aliyah.

However, according to The Guardian, unexpectedly twice as many Jews arrived from Russia. According to the newspaper, approximately one in eight Russian Jews has left the country.

In addition to the 26,000 Russians who have already arrived in Israel this year, another 35,000 are awaiting paperwork, the newspaper writes.

Knesset member Yuli Edelstein commented on the situation.

“Danger has been part of the Jewish experience in Russia for generations. Nobody will ever forget that. When I left Russia, I was very young and knew very little about my Jewish roots and Israel. But I had a goal. This time people are leaving in a hurry – they are driven by fear,” he said.

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