The guard beat the guest of a night club in Kiev for orientation: “Maybe a concussion”

Охранник избил гостя ночного клуба в Киеве за ориентацию: «Возможно, сотрясение мозга»

The visitor of the institution refused to go out into the cold and was seriously injured

Egregious case occurred on January 20. Around 4 a.m. a company of three people left from the gay club LIFT faced aggression from the guard. The situation on his page on Facebook described from Kiev Anastasia Prikhodko, whose friend suffered greatly during the conflict.

According to the lady, she together with two friends went down the hall on the first floor. The group decided to wait for a cab in the room because of bad weather. However, one of the guards by Fiat tone said to leave the building. He argued the order of the bedtime of his colleagues.

He refused to do so, both the security officer rushed at the men. Just grabbed one, and the second beat with hands and feet. The victim got in the face and in the groin. The attacks stopped only when the victim asked for forgiveness. The latter instantly appeared abrasions and bruises with swelling on the face. “Maybe a concussion,” said the author of the publication.

Aggressive after a collision, the group went outside. Even after that, the guard rudely asked: “is it all can cost explain again?”. And then again swung his leg, but he tripped on the stairs. After that, the company started to call the police.

Realizing the intentions of the victims, one of the guards decided to show a drop of sympathy and offered their help regarding calling the police. Victims asked to call a taxi, but the employee did not agree. He called people “scum” and hinted that the reason for the hostility lies in the sexual orientation. After all, this is the profile night club, the guests who the victims were before the incident.

The company asked the guard to introduce himself. After a long hesitation he introduced himself to Edward and shook his hand. The name of the man remembered even longer and called “Ivashchenko”. According to the girl, the fictional. After claims of bodily injury, security guards tried to defend the article 34 where there is a decree that he may use force in case of resistance. But the user says that wasn’t. Soon the security guard offered to watch it with security cameras.

Half an hour later on the scene arrived the ambulance and took a beating. The victims recorded the whole process on camera. And after 40 minutes arrived the police. “When we went into the building where it all happened, there was only one guard, which broke, and his colleague, who loves waving his hands in a safe place”, — said Anastasia Prikhodko. Guard to find it and failed. After a group of young people went to the police station on the street Holosiivska No. 15. There their story heard by the investigator.

“This country is not to win,” Anastasia protested the level of homophobia in Ukraine. She asked how to ensure local residents for the waiting taxis to the premises without fear of being beaten up by the guards.

We will remind, Jiji spoke for the first time after the beating: “I got hurt”.

As reported Politeka, the famous boxer gave the beating to the police in France.

Also Politeka wrote about the continuation of the story with the brutal beating of a Deputy in Krivoy Rog.

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