The group of “KAZKA” predicting the collapse in the national selection to the Eurovision song contest: is considered as the main competitor

Группе "KAZKA" пророчат крах на Нацотборе на Евровидение: назван главный конкурент

Became known, the main competitor of the group KAZKA at the national selection for Eurovision-2019

It is known that in Saturday will be known the second of three finalists of the National selection. Experts are confident that it will be well-known musical group KAZKA with his new song titled “Apart”. However, it is worth noting that in the opinion of both experts and many fans of the musical group, the song is weaker than their recent hit “Cry”.

So many are convinced that they will bypass the singer LAUD with the song “2 dni”. It will become the main competitor of the group of KAZKA. It is worth Recalling that last year they didn’t perform very well, and therefore could not pass the finals. Given the fact that their song is much weaker than their hit, a similar outcome is possible this year.

Группе "KAZKA" пророчат крах на Нацотборе на Евровидение: назван главный конкурент

However, it is believed that during the year the group was able to grow, but because for them it’s all over much better than in 2018.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian group KAZKA talked with the journalists of the TV channel STB. The musicians told why it is important for them to participate in the Eurovision song contest 2019

From 14 to 18 may in the capital of Israel, tel Aviv will host the two semifinals and the Grand final of the international Eurovision song contest 2019.

Группе "KAZKA" пророчат крах на Нацотборе на Евровидение: назван главный конкурент

The organizers have presented the logo and slogan this year, and the country are quietly choose their representatives. At the moment we know who will go to Eurovision 2019 from Belgium, Armenia, Albania and Cyprus. Other countries have not yet decided who to honor honor to represent my country.

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Ukraine national selection for the Eurovision song contest, traditionally held in mid February. Already on January 22, the audience will hear the results of the draw. One of the participants of the national selection this year was the popular Ukrainian group KAZKA. A year ago, the musicians have already tried their hand at the selection, presenting the song Diva.

But was unable to win and the Eurovision song contest 2018 in Lisbon went the singer Melovin. In 2018 KAZKA become a real breakthrough. Their song Crying has become almost public property, once in the TOP 10 most requested songs of service music recognition Shazam. Recently KAZKA spoke with journalists STB and told about why they should represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest 2019.

We will remind that the soloist of group KAZKA showed racy photos in their underwear.

It was also reported that the author of the music of the track “Cried” groups KAZKA Sergei runs explained why two songs so similar to each other.

Yet it was reported that the singer of the group KAZKA continues to delight fans with their new photos and videos.

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