The group ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ will perform in Riga next year

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The group ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ will perform in Riga next year

April 7 next year in the concert hall “Palladium“American rock band” Eagles Of Death Metal “will perform for the first time.

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As “Delfi” informs the concert organizers from the FBI, the band will arrive in Latvia as part of the “The 24th Anniversary Tour”.

The concert will feature Grammy-nominated Bones UK as special guests.

“Eagles Of Death Metal” started as a side project of two best friends and rock musicians – Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme – who developed into a global concert band. Despite the band’s name, “Eagles Of Death Metal” is not a heavy metal band. The band’s performance ranges from garage rock and alternative rock to elements of blues rock, punk rock and glamrock. The band’s drummer Josh Homme is mainly known as one of the leaders of the rock band “Queens of the Stone Age”.

Since the band’s founding, Eagles Of Death Metal has released four studio albums, toured with The Distillers, The Strokes, Guns N ‘Roses, Placebo, and created cover songs of many songs by artists of various genres. songs like “AC / DC”, David Bowie, “Kiss”, “Pixies”, “The Ramones”, George Michael, Kett Stevens, etc.

“Eagles Of Death Metal” debut album “Peace Love Death Metal” was released in March 2004. It earned a lot of attention from American television advertisers and the band’s album songs were used in commercials by major companies such as Nissan Motors, Wendy’s and Microsoft. The band’s second album, Death By Sexy, was released in just eight days and was released in the fall of 2005. The third album “Heart On” reached the audience in the autumn of 2008 and was an even stronger performance than the band’s first two albums. The fourth studio album, “Zipper Down,” was released after a seven-year hiatus and was hailed by music critics as an entertaining rock’n’roll.

The “Eagles Of Death Metal” concert in Riga will be warmed up by “Bones UK” – a Grammy nominated rock band from London. The band’s debut album “Bones UK” was released recently, but was immediately praised. The album updates everything from beauty industry complexes to toxic masculinity, the concert organizers write.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased in the “Biļešu serviss” network available from Friday, October 1.

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