The group “bet bet” in collaboration with Lolita Ritmanis has created a song / Article

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The group “bet bet” in collaboration with Lolita Ritmanis has created a song / Article

The members of the group “but bet” Zigfrīds Muktupāvels and Guntars Račs with the Hollywood film industry-renowned composer Lolita Ritmanis have been known for a long time, but relatively recently the idea of ​​co-created songs arose. The first of the 10 to 12 planned joint works is the song “The Right Place, the Right Time”, which is based on a poem from Guntars Račs’ recently published book of poems “Part 365/3”, the representatives of the publishing house “MicRec” informed.

“but but” the musicians said, “We met Lolita at the right place and at the right time! Guntars already had one song with Lolita, and we decided we needed more! It was easy for us to work, because Lolita, being a real professional, sent us an extended note This time, Siegfried took on the role of arranger, and a few days later, working in the studio with producer Gints Stankevičs, this version of the song was made. “

Lolita Ritmane revealed about the collaboration: “Grupa” bet bet “was founded in the same year when our son Andris was born. and expressive. [Dziesmai] “Knock and do not speak” I know every word, every note, every harmony. We have known Guntars Račs for a long time, but when Guntars suggested the idea that we could create something new together, of course, I agreed with great enthusiasm. This cooperation across the ocean has been very creative. Thanks to the whole group, but especially to Guntars and Siegfried for this opportunity! “

The video producer of the song is Ritvars Bluka, and it was filmed in the group’s “but bet” 30th anniversary concert and in the opening event of Guntars Račs’ book “365/3” in the “Hanseatic platform”.

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