“The “great helmsman” in vest absolutely crazy”: the network has ridiculed Zakharchenko and his statements to “Dnrovskih” “media”

First Deputy head of the NHRI Vyacheslav Abroskin made fun of he so-called “Donetsk national Republic”.

Reports about it “Диалог.UA” with reference to his page in the social network Facebook.

“Sunday is the time to inspect the press “DNR”. In the last week of October in first place in informative dirt implementer chicken was a “national holiday” dedicated “flag” which, in his words, “flying around the world.” This “great helmsman” in the vest completely crazy or he dreamed “ratowanie” on its flag around the world. His “flag” is associated in all on a par with Somali pirates as a symbol of tyranny and banditism”, — says the official.

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“Second place — “Ddrescue economic miracle”: an outdoor workshop for the production of spices. No comment. Finally, where no external enemy “of the Republic.” The third largest news — “Tuk offers to destroy Russia”. This “sensation” published in all local media. By the way, the “horrors” of these mouthpieces of Russian propaganda is the same — that in Ilovaysk, Gorlovka. Why? Because it told the supervisors that go with the steps of Goebbels: “they want to expose the propaganda, it is necessary to thoroughly impregnate the idea of propaganda so that he didn’t even notice that it permeated””, — says Deputy head of the police.

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Periodicals the propaganda of the occupant is not restricted. Print and books, in particular this instance of authorship “Santa Claus” Pavel Gubarev. Called “Ghouls of the new Russia” this “work” would be a great “success”.

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