The government of Italy faces a fine of € 3.5 billion

Правительству Италии грозит штраф в 3,5 миллиарда евро

The country has reduced the national debt.

The European Commission plans to fine Italy for 0.2% of GDP (3.5 billion euros) over insufficient efforts to reduce the size of state budget deficit and public debt, reports the with reference to RBC.

It is reported that a fine must be approved by the Finance Ministers of the member countries of the European Union. The basis for the imposition of the penalty will be a violation by Italy of the EU requirements regarding public debt and deficit of the state budget.

In Austria for the first time sent in resignation the government

In particular, the public debt must not exceed 60% of GDP and budget deficit — 3%. The size of Italy’s public debt is 132% of GDP.

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