The glory of DeAngelo continues to haunt maniac

Славу из  НеАнгелов  продолжает преследовать маньяк

The glory of “DeAngelo” continues to haunt maniac [photo]
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The singer encourages law enforcement agencies to pay attention to her statement.

The soloist of the duet “Neangely” Glory Kaminska, who changed his name after the divorce with her husband, shared with subscribers to the history of the incident. About the persecution of a maniac she told on his page .

The singer posted another photo with a picture of the Stalker. Glory repeatedly appealed to the police. Law enforcement officers artist I can not help anything, as under the law to press charges man, they are not eligible.

– Here to advise me, please, how to deal with the person who’s stalking you? Why in our legislation it is impossible to make any action as long as he can do nothing to me or my children. The person was mentally ill and repeatedly treated in specialized clinics! He goes with me to concerts lies in wait for me and my kids under the house and that in his sick mind only he knows. He pulls me in social networks, threatens and writes crap on the head is not pulled – wrote the indignant Glory.

The star noted that the stranger says is in a relationship for 9 years. He also believes that the son of their joint son with a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky Leon is his child.

Today when my mom came back with Leon out of the class, this schizophrenic sat in the car and miraculously was seen. He claims that I have a relationship with him for 9 years and my Leon – it’s his baby what the hell sort of funny but at the same time sad and dangerous. These people should forcibly isolate and treat, said Thank.

She urged law enforcement agencies to pay attention to her statement, which she filed last summer. In August, the singer complained of a strange man threatened her on social media, and then moved on to the real action. On the night of August 19 he even tried to break into the apartment of a star.

Славу из  НеАнгелов  продолжает преследовать маньяк



Zlata ognevich: “marriage to me will definitely be democratic.”

In conversation with “KP” in Ukraine,” the singer recalled his political activities, told, than business has ended with the attack on her near the house, and explained why the more important to praise yourself and criticize less.

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