The girl removed the last seconds of his life on video: “everything went dark”

Школьница сняла последние секунды своей жизни на видео: "все погрузилось во тьму"

Relatives of 12-year-old American schoolgirl Linda Rogers shared the heartbreaking video: the girl took the time of his death on camera

Linda from Dallas (Texas) rose early in the morning and decided to get it on mobile phone preparation for the competition cheerleaders (to see the video, descrate the news until the end).

The girl in the video speaks softly, so as not to Wake his family who were asleep upstairs. Making hair, the girl puts the camera on a mode of fast shooting. Suddenly the screen filled spark and everything was plunged into darkness: in this moment in the house due to leakage of household gas has occurred powerful explosion.

Школьница сняла последние секунды своей жизни на видео: "все погрузилось во тьму"

Linda found under the rubble, to save her failed. Parents, grandmother and brother of the girl suffered serious injuries, but survived because they were farther from the epicenter. Later, under the rubble found miraculously surviving an iPhone with a touching video.

Mother Linda Mary Rogers said that the girl wanted to become a doctor. A woman can’t come to terms with the loss even after a year after the tragedy. The family filed a lawsuit against the company, which is engaged in the maintenance of the pipeline, demanding a million dollars compensation.

Школьница сняла последние секунды своей жизни на видео: "все погрузилось во тьму"

Earlier it was reported that in the Astrakhan region of the Russian Federation 15-the summer teenager has committed suicide live. Monday, February 11 student wrote a farewell note in which he hinted at unrequited love, took my parents car “Lada Grant” and went to the track. At high speed the student flew into the oncoming lane and crashed into “KAMAZ”, the events he broadcast online.

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“I’m gonna crash, I love you, please forgive!”, the last thing the boy managed to say. The young man died on the spot.

In addition, in social networks published a letter which was left by a minor. It talks about unrequited love: “that’s enough from me. I love you. You many times I was betrayed and betray. Well hurts my soul. I’ll die better.”

We will remind, mother stabbed daughter and himself from a grave illness.

As reported Politeka, a young boy hanged himself in Kiev on the pink rope, found a farewell note for Tatiana.

Also Politeka wrote that the seventh-grader couldn’t handle the pressure in school and made irreparable.

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