The girl got sick with an unknown disease: “Not waking up for weeks”

Девочка заболела неизвестным заболеванием: "Не просыпается неделями"

Little girl “contracted” unique disease, resulting in sleeping for weeks

It is reported by the Clutch.

“The girl sleeping for a week or more to Wake her up is simply impossible. Doctors do not know what to do in such a situation. For the first time this has happened to little Anna when she was six months apartments with free wifi. She fell asleep in the afternoon, but woke neither the evening nor the next morning. The mother was very frightened but all her attempts to Wake the baby failed”, — stated in the message.

After that, the woman decided to urgently take the girl to the hospital, but doctors calmed her down.

“She rushed the daughter to the hospital because he suspected that the girl was in a coma, but the inspection did not confirm this. The doctors assured my mother that Anya is just very fast asleep. They didn’t know why she can’t Wake up, because she is completely healthy. A week later, the girl woke up as if nothing had happened, the examination found no problems or deviations, the girl either didn’t complain. But the next morning the child went back to sleep for an indefinite period”, — underlined in the message.

Девочка заболела неизвестным заболеванием: "Не просыпается неделями"

While doctors later put the girl diagnosed with “sleeping beauty syndrome”.

“After some time the doctors diagnosed hypersomnia or “sleeping beauty syndrome”, but this case is especially difficult, because all the famous doctors methods it does not work. So neither the parents nor the experienced experts do not know how to help little Anna, and only adapt to this lifestyle”, — specified in the message text.

As previously reported, in military unit No. 3008, in the Vinnytsia region, has recorded a measles outbreak

According to official data of the command, fell ill more than 20 fighters.

The first case was still before the New year. The national guard has no specialized medical institutions, so patients were hospitalized to the city hospital. Four more are treated in Khmelnytskyi regional hospital. The diagnosis of measles they have not yet confirmed, all the high temperature and cough.

The commander of military unit Vladimir Julie shows the infirmary, where lie the soldiers who were placed in quarantine. But they did not specify.

“Remove anything not necessary, because here you know,” he says.

The soldiers covered with blankets with his head. All high temperature and cough. What it is: measles in the initial stages, flu or colds – soldiers don’t know yet.

“No rashes”, — said the soldier Bogdan Budnik.

Девочка заболела неизвестным заболеванием: "Не просыпается неделями"

We will remind, fighters of national guard mows dangerous disease.

We wrote that a wave of deaths from influenza has covered the Ukraine.

Also politeka reported that in Kiev the children become victims of vaccines.

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