The girl arranged the “pinkest wedding” in the world

The girl arranged the

The woman dated for 40 years and ended up marrying him, making pink the main theme of fun.

This is reported by the Mirror.

According to the publication, Kitten Kay Sera, known on the Internet for her passion for pink, finally arranged the wedding she dreamed of. In 2018, a woman made headlines when it was revealed that she spent over £ 1 million on her monochrome home and wardrobe.

Now she has made her dream come true and threw the pinkest wedding ever the world. '' Kitten wore pink to the ceremony, arrived in a pink Chevrolet and gave herself a pink ring.

In an Instagram post, she featured “ megarose '' cake, thanking the fans for the most amazing celebration in her life.

“I’m honored to see you on the most important day of my life,” “ she wrote to the chef who created this pink cake miracle.

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