The “Ghost” of the Second world discovered in the Pacific ocean: “188 people were on Board”

"Призрак" Второй мировой обнаружен в Тихом океане: "188 человек было на борту"

Yesterday, February 8 in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific ocean, explored the wreck of a military vessel

It is known that they were the remains of the battle cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy “Hiei” — it was sunk during the Second world war.

On Friday, reports The Telegraph.

As you know, the wreck was discovered in February 2018, but to explore the ship for a long time was not possible due to the fact that it lies at a depth of 975 meters.

"Призрак" Второй мировой обнаружен в Тихом океане: "188 человек было на борту"

So with the help of underwater vehicle developed by us-based Seattle company, Vulcan Inc., at the end of January 2019, the researchers examined the wreckage. At the bottom was discovered the 6-inch guns, boxes of anti-aircraft shells and portholes:

“Taken on the camera images shows that the hull was severely damaged — most likely, the hole was obtained in the battle for Guadalcanal, in which the battleship “Hiei” participated in 1942″.

Help: Battleship “Hiei” was launched in 1912. Part of the Japanese fleet, he entered in 1914, at that time, the cruiser was one of the most heavily armed warships in the world. In the night from 13 to 14 November 1942 during the battle of Guadalcanal in the British district of the Solomon Islands the battleship was subjected to vigorous bombardment by American planes and warships: it was released about 50 shells, including air bombs. As a result of “Hiei” sank with 188 crew members, becoming the first battleship Japan lost in world war II.

"Призрак" Второй мировой обнаружен в Тихом океане: "188 человек было на борту"

From wars of the past — wars and occupation today. So recall that in the television political talk shows, the leader of the public movement “New Russia” Nikita Isaev said that some Russians are not very happy Crimea and Donbas.

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In particular, Isaev noted that today the Russians are not able to fight on Ukrainian territory.

“We are not currently able to withstand in the Donbass, we can’t even reflect our sailors, who are now hostages of Ukraine”, — he said.

"Призрак" Второй мировой обнаружен в Тихом океане: "188 человек было на борту"

We will note, earlier the journalist and the volunteer coordinator of the project “Stop the terror” Simon Karakaev said that the Russian Federation will collapse, and the reason for this is not Chechnya, or Syria, Transnistria, and Ukraine.

According to him, the strategic mistake of the Kremlin is the annexation of Crimea and the beginning of the war in the Donbass.

“Putin is so afraid of losing Ukraine, that have made mistakes for which he will have to pay,” — said Kubakaev.

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