The German government will allocate 65 billion euros to help its citizens

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 The German government will allocate 65 billion euros to help its citizens

The German coalition has agreed on a new aid package for the population to mitigate rising energy prices. Its volume will amount to 65 billion euros.

“Our country is facing difficult times. Today this is part of the truth, and this truth must be told. I am well aware that many citizens are very concerned about their future, very concerned about high electricity prices and the rising cost of living”, — said Chancellor Olaf Scholz during the presentation of the package.

The aid provides for a lump sum of 200 euros for students and 300 euros for pensioners.

A differentiated electricity tariff is being introduced: basic consumption – at a reduced cost, and above it – by market. The German government is planning to finance the decline in electricity prices with windfall profits from energy companies. then on the national", – said the co-chairman of the Green Party Omid Nuripur.

A moratorium is also planned on disconnecting consumers who cannot pay their bills.

The poorest population will be eligible for a €415 subsidy until December 2022 and then – €540 for a family of two (plus €100 for each additional family member). The number of recipients of subsidies will be increased compared to the current one.

The government plans to increase the child allowance and introduce a single ticket for public transport with a price of 49 to 69 euros per month.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner said it was a tough decision, but the aid package should prevent Germany from causing critical damage from rising prices.

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