The garden reacted to the attack on the town hall. Video

Садовый отреагировал на нападение на ратушу. Видео

The mayor is waiting for the reaction from the police to the attack, otherwise, said the city will be guarded by volunteers.

The mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy reacted to the attack on the town hall informing about events, interior Minister Arsen Avakov. This Garden wrote in a Facebook, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“If the bandits are not stopped, they pluck,” wrote the mayor.

He said that he spoke to the head of the police in Lviv region Valery Sereda after the attack on employees of the municipality.

“I warned the police chief of the region that announced a picket of the town Hall is a trivial local criminals and the drug dealers who want to plunder the city,” wrote Garden.

He argues that the environment there was no reaction.

“Today in Kiev, talked with the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov and the leadership of the police. They are aware of what is happening in the city. Waiting for concrete actions”, — said the mayor.

“If after that the reaction will not conclude that the police in no, and protecting the city from bandits — it’s only our internal affair. We can do this, as they did in 2014, when the lions after the “night of anger” within two weeks defended solely by volunteers,” concluded the Garden.

Polyakova said the creation of the “female” party. Video

He also posted a video of the attack filmed inside the building.

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