The future without cigarettes – for yourself and for the sake of children: FDA and Dr. Komarovsky

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 The future without cigarettes - for yourself and for children: FDA and Dr. Komarovsky

Philip Morris Ltd. has been promoting the concept of a “smoke-free future” for years, encouraging adult smokers to stop smoking cigarettes completely. And as a last resort – choose a less harmful alternative. Leading medical organizations of the world, in particular, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agree with this.

After the FDA issued a 1-year executive order for the IQOS device and approved it for sale as a reduced exposure product, it recently announced that it also recognizes another generation of tobacco heating devices, the IQOS3, as a product that significantly reduces exposure to harmful chemicals. substances. Studies confirm that completely switching from conventional cigarettes to an IQOS device significantly reduces exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

About two years ago, in July 2020, the FDA first announced that it would allow the IQOS cigarette substitute to be marketed as a less harmful alternative, stating: “The product heats tobacco instead of burning it, which reduces harm to smokers.” The decision was made after an in-depth scientific study that lasted about 4 years. It is the first and only tobacco heating product to be approved for marketing under a special procedure accompanied by an order (MRTP1) stating that the marketing of the product can promote public health.

And about a month ago, the FDA issued another order in which it recognizes the IQOS3 Tobacco Heating System as a reduced-impact tobacco product and issues a marketing authorization for it that includes the information that “the system heats tobacco, not burns it, which significantly reduces the formation of harmful chemicals.

When a cigarette is lit, the tobacco burns at temperatures as high as 900°C. The high combustion temperature causes the production of a huge amount of harmful chemicals contained in cigarette smoke. These are about 6000 chemical components, about 100 of which have been identified by health organizations as harmful or potentially dangerous.

High levels of these chemicals in cigarette smoke are the main cause of smoking-related diseases.

Nicotine, although addictive and not without risks, is not a major factor in the development of smoking-related diseases. The nicotine released in the IQOS device at 247 degrees remains the same, but does not carry harmful tobacco smoke.

It should be noted that studies submitted to the FDA under this procedure have shown that IQOS emits 90-95% less harmful or potentially harmful chemicals compared to burning cigarettes.

Official communication from the FDA: https: //

According to Philip Morris Ltd, the rate of adult smokers switching to tobacco heating products has increased in recent years. More than 15 million smokers in 65 countries around the world have stopped using tobacco burning products and switched to the IQOS tobacco heating system.

Now, on the eve of May 31 – World No Tobacco Day, it is worth making a decision and completely quit smoking. And if that doesn't work – at least choose a less harmful, smoke-free alternative.

And, probably, it is no coincidence that immediately after the day without tobacco smoke, follows June 1 – Children Protection Day. Protection from many dangers, among which one of the most significant – causing harm to the child's health.

Here is what the well-known Ukrainian pediatrician Evgeniy Komarovsky, candidate of medical sciences, host of the TV show “Dr. Komarovsky’s School”, author of scientific papers, popular science articles and books, the most famous of which — “The health of the child and the common sense of his relatives”: “There is such a thing as local immunity. This is the protection of the mucous membranes, in particular, the upper respiratory tract. Every day, a lot of harmful microorganisms enter the body of a child. And it is the mucous membranes that protect it from viruses and bacteria, neutralizing them. The upper respiratory tract is covered with ciliated epithelium. These are the cells of the surface of the mucous membranes, on which there are outgrowths, “cilia”. They constantly fluctuate, pushing all harmful formations from the bottom up from the lungs, and we cough it all up. And because of tobacco smoke, the speed of oscillation of the cilia slows down sharply. This does not allow the child to fully cleanse the lungs, which dramatically increases the number of diseases. In addition, tobacco
smoke greatly increases the number of allergies, since many allergens that are in the air bind to tobacco smoke. Also children of smokers who are passive smokers are prone to obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

Another very important aspect of passive smoking is that children copy the behavior of adults. And seeing parents with a cigarette, the child will want to be like them. So draw your own conclusions.

If you can't completely give up your bad habit – choose an alternative that reduces harm and you'll get a few extra years of healthy life. Whenever there is an opportunity to reduce risk, – we should try to do it, that's not bad either».

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