The funeral of a journalist. Bella Hadid criticizes Israeli security forces

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 Burial of journalist. Bella Hadid criticizes Israeli security forces< /p>

Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid spoke out about clashes at the funeral of journalist Shirin Abu Shakle.

In an Instagram post, Hadid criticized the Israeli security forces, saying there was “no excuse” for their behavior.

“This is an occupation. These are the types of torture and ill-treatment that Palestinians face at the hands of the Israeli military occupiers. There is no excuse for such behavior, especially in the most holy land in the world,” wrote Bella Hadid.

In addition, the model noted: “This is the reality of what the IDF and the occupation mean for the Palestinians. Israeli forces are doing their best to silence mourners with bullying, batons, tear gas, low kicks and more violence. They want to control Palestinian emotions, voices, loss and grief, in addition to everything else in their existence.”

Bella Hadid also spoke about the death of Shirin Abu Akle: “First of all, she is human. Shirin's life as a Palestinian journalist has always been a threat to them, dead or alive. Although we are constantly reminded that our existence as Palestinians is a threat in general, whether they are journalists or not. She had no weapons, no violence, only a camera. In return? Sniper bullet to the head. And repeated shots at everyone who tried to help revive her.

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