The French created a pad for the beard, and it’s brilliant (video)

Французи створили утюжок для бороди, і це геніально (відео)

Straightener for beards

The French developers decided to make life easier bradnam, so I created an equalizer for the beard. Who said that irons are only women?

On crowdfunding platform Indiegogo appeared device, which is salvation for all men with unruly beards. French developers invented the rectifier Barbossa, will allow you to obtain a stacking effect, as after the barbershop.

The gadget looks like an ordinary hair brush, and use it as easy. How to say creative, it is suitable for any type of hair and for a few minutes gives styling and hairstyles, and beard.

By the way, already now it is possible to order the rectifier at a price of 44 euros right platform Indiegogo, where the startup has already collected 6 times greater amount for starting. Also, the creators make perfect kits: with the old buyers get a real set for the care of the beard, because it has two combs, scissors, moisturizing oil, shampoo and conditioner.

Французи створили утюжок для бороди, і це геніально (відео)

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