The fourth vaccine can “bring down” the immune system

The fourth vaccine could

The European Medicines Regulator (EMA) on Tuesday, January 12, doubted the need for a fourth booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine. And even more so. EMA data shows that the fourth vaccine reduces immunity.

At this stage, information about the Omicron strain is being collected, according to Reuters.

Pfizer and Moderna recently announced that they are conducting development of a vaccine specifically against Omicron.

At the same time, Marco Cavaleri, an EMA official, said in a briefing that “ Too frequent vaccinations can overload the immune system '', and if vaccinated every four months then the immune system may not work.

A similar assumption was expressed by an Israeli professor at Sheba Hospital. Gili Regev. Research on a fourth vaccine has shown a fivefold increase in protection, she said.

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