The founder of PMC Wagner, Prigozhin, gave his 17-year-old daughter a hotel

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 The founder of “Wagner PMC” Prigozhin gave his 17-year-old daughter a hotel

The minor daughter of the founder of “Wagner PMC” Evgenia Prigozhina, 17-year-old Veronika became the sole owner of the famous hotel “Red Stars” in St. Petersburg. The share was transferred to it from CJSC “Continental”.

and his mercenaries are trying to seize Ukraine, his family is seizing St. Petersburg without a fight.

The Krasnye Zvezdy Hotel, located on the embankment of the Pryazhka River, opened in November 2012. The Mariinsky Theater is a ten minute walk away. The establishment is one of the ten most unusual hotels in the ”northern capital” RF.

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