The Foundation of the Basics: 5 Shoes You Can't Do Without in Israeli Winter

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 The foundation of the basics: 5 shoe styles you can't do without in the Israeli winter

How many pairs of shoes should an ideal winter wardrobe contain? Everyone's choice, of course, but whether you're a minimalist or a die-hard shopaholic, it's not complete until it has 5 basic winter patterns.

Tractor-soled bootsbecome more and more popular every year. This is a tribute to the love of comfort and convenience that reign in modern fashion. Thanks to the stability and good fit, you can walk in such shoes all day long without fear of fatigue. Shoes with grooved soles harmoniously fit into almost any style: rock, military, grunge, tractor soles perfectly balance the romance of floral dresses and are generally indispensable for mixes with any airy things. Dominant, eye-catching, it gives strength to the image, and at the same time emphasizes fragility, femininity and romance.

 The Basics: 5 Shoes You Can't Do Without in Israeli Winter

Needle Shoeshas become a real trend this season. The Israeli winter, of course, is not too severe, however, it is necessary to prepare in advance for showers and slush. In order not to end up with cold and wet feet, you need to take the choice of suitable shoes very seriously. Igloo boots from the Special Edition series from Lafayette Italy – this is the perfect combination of uncompromising comfort and stylish design: insulated, waterproof, with a reliable sole – your feet will be comfortable even in the most chilly weather.

 Basics: 5 Shoes You Can't Do Without in Israeli Winter

Shirred Bootwill look chic with dresses, skirts and trousers, with them you can create almost any look from romantic to business, they are combined with all types of outerwear … in a word, a real must have of the season. If there are already enough calm dark shades on the shoe shelf, total red boots with gathered tops will finally be the reason to stop being modest and move from compromises to bold decisions.

 Basis of the basics: 5 shoes you can't live without in Israeli winter

Short boots or ankle bootsthe most versatile winter footwear, because it is worn when convenience and comfort are needed. In the winter collection of Lafayette Italy there are jeweled, flirtatious couples, the most cheerful colors. For example, dainty boots in a heavenly shade are ideal for any wardrobe, they will look advantageous with jeans and will become the main accent in black, white or beige monochrome.

 The Basics: 5 Shoes You Can't Do Without in Israeli Winter

Sporty style shoes have become part of the basic women's set relatively recently. But it is firmly entrenched, which is easily explained: it is one hundred percent functional. The most important thing here is the comfort of the shoe and the quality of the materials. The fine leather and soft materials of Lafayette Italy shoes give you a feeling of maximum comfort and look great. These shoes themselves ask for a walk through the streets of Tel Aviv.


Lafayette Italy branches are located in Jerusalem, on Mamila Boulevard, in Tel Aviv on st. Ibn Gvirol, 71 (in the Gan a-Ir shopping center), in Ramat Gan, in the Ayalon shopping center, in Ramat Aviv on the street. Abba Ahimeir 17 (Shuster Center), in Rishon LeZion in the shopping center “Zahav”, in Netanya, in the shopping center “Ir Yamim” and in the Grand Canyon shopping center at Simha Golan, 54 in Haifa, at the Panorama Center at A-Nesi Boulevard, 109, in the Beit Yatir shopping center; at 42 Weitzman St. in Kfar Saba, in the shopping center “Kiryon” in Kiryat Bialik.

Lafayette Italy shoes, bags and accessories can also be ordered with free delivery in the brand's online boutique:< /strong>

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