The former wife of Amazon founder decided to share with the poor condition

Бывшая жена основателя Amazon решила поделиться состоянием с бедными

She has “a disproportionate amount of money.”

The former wife of Amazon founder and the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos Mackenzie Bezos decided to give to charity half of his fortune, which is estimated at $ 37 billion, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

So she joined launched in 2010 the initiative of Warren Buffett and bill gates for the richest people to give half his fortune to charity.

In the Bloomberg list of billionaires, she ranked 22nd.

In the United States died the founder of Human Rights Watch

The total number of participants for the initiative giving pledge (The Giving Pledge) is 204 people, including Michael Bloomberg, mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson.

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