The fitness model on the beach was attacked by a huge monster: “on the body of the teeth marks”

На фитнес-модель на пляже напал огромный монстр: «на теле следы зубов»

The girl suffered while relaxing on a Paradise beach

Famous fitness model from Venezuela Michelle Lewin swam and sunbathed in the Bahamas.

On a beach, she met a local attraction of wild pigs. Animals nobody touches it, they wander where they want and the tourists love to be photographed with them. Perhaps one of the animals itself wanted him captured in the photo next to the blond beauty Michelle. Therefore, the pig was unobtrusive attention. She walked over and grabbed the girl’s buttocks.

На фитнес-модель на пляже напал огромный монстр: «на теле следы зубов»

Not expecting such a brazen attack model screamed and tried to retreat from the animal.

32-year-old Michelle then took the opportunity to show the teeth marks on his body.

As previously reported, a phenomenal success in the US helped the model from Puerto Rico to become a real star.

Page girls on the social network Instagram became very popular. Now it has signed up more than 1.7 million people.

Early career model fitness bikini 26 – year-old athletes Arisna Kind began in her native country. But in 2012, Ayala moved to the United States to compete and look for new development opportunities in the fitness world.

2013 year was for athletes more than successful, because she won IFBB Pro card at the National Juniors tournament in Chicago and becoming the first Puerto Rican who received a professional card for less than a year of competitive career.

Currently, she leads a collaboration with the famous manufacturer of sports nutrition and also a fitness model and personal trainer. In addition, the Internet Arisna admire your beautiful figure. Her photo collect a large number of likes and encouraging comments.

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Will also add that the Australian kulturistka B. J. Brunton struck fans of their forms.

The girl managed to make a real splash due to its toned and athletic figure. Earlier, Brunton managed to get the title of Miss universe during the tournament from the World Federation of fitness.

На фитнес-модель на пляже напал огромный монстр: «на теле следы зубов»

This time, the athlete decided to show a candid photo shoot to show: she plays sports not just. All new photos of B. J. with pleasure shows results of drying, and also shows a few shots of their everyday life.

Note that this photo session has already gathered several hundred enthusiastic reviews. It is worth Recalling that BJ has acquired most of his fans when accidentally leaked into the social network Instagram video, where he posed Nude showing the results of their training.

Recall that the Creator of the legendary “Cyborgs” reproached Ukrainians: so raise your ass.

As reported Politeka, famous Russian model turned into a monster after plastic surgery.

Also Politeka wrote that famous model of the 80s, begging: “Like a fool in love.”

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