The first Vice-miss Ukraine universe Natalia Baluch justified for their trip to Moscow

Первая вице-мисс  Украина-Вселенная  Наталья Балюх оправдалась за свою поездку в Москву

The first Vice-miss “Ukraine-universe” Natalia Baluch justified for their trip to Moscow
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Photo: Natalya Baluch

According to Natalia of Baluch, she has many friends in Russia.

The winner of the title “Miss Lviv-2018” and the First Vice-miss Ukraine universe Natalia Bolug caught in a scandal after the social networks found out about her trip to Moscow. Users so angered the girl’s visit to the Russian capital, that she was forced to make excuses for him. Your post “Miss Lviv 2018” posted on the page in Facebook.

First of Baluch wrote that he is proud that he’s a native Ukrainian from Lvov, “Miss Lviv” and “First Vice Miss Ukraine universe”.

I have always done everything to be worthy of these titles. Of course, as we all do, I love my country, and my position on the integrity of one: Ukraine is the only but not divisible from the Crimea to Kiev, from Lviv to Donetsk. Pray with the women of Ukraine to our guys came home alive and at peace. However, like most Ukrainians, I have friends who live in Russia who share my thoughts and visions. All want peace for our Nations, she said.

She emphasized that “values and protects this friendship”, so called for the celebration of the birthday of their friends in Moscow. Baluch added that it believes that both countries can bring the world together on both sides of the border.

What is the trouble

It all started after the publication of the newspaper “High castle” of the material on the presence of Baluch in Moscow. Journalists showed photos, videos and storis girls, on which she is resting with a friend named Alex. Baluch allegedly wrote that it is more fun to spend time in the Russian capital.

We will remind, not so long ago in Ukraine was a scandal because of the fact that the winner of the contest “Miss Ukraine universe” Anastasia Saturday denied a visa to the USA. His refusal at the Embassy explained that the letters go to the beauty contest Ukrainka turn too often. To resolve the situation, the President of the competition had to write a letter to the Embassy demanding.


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