The first swallows: to watch all series online season 1

Перші ластівки: дивитися онлайн всі серії 1 сезон

The first swallow – watching all the series

Ukrainian TV series “First swallows” tells of the life of modern teenagers who school pass through a series of tests and conflicts! See all series of the youth drama series!

The new Ukrainian series “the First swallows” tells of the life of modern teenagers: problems, dramas and conflicts that they face daily. While in school, they face grown-up problems, which is not very easy to handle alone. The lack of support and understanding from adults forcing students to go to drastic steps, risking their lives. Every day they expect depression, Bong, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. It is, in fact, are the first swallows indicating that a teenager needs the help of parents and elders! If modern parents don’t pay attention to it, and their children can wait for the fate of the main characters of the series.

1 series popular series about the school “the First swallows” began with the ordinary, at first glance, the Day of knowledge. However, it is not started with the welcome speech and memorized poems and songs about school holiday, and with the antics of controversial student nick Maslov. A lovely video about graduates of the school the boy was replaced by a sex parade of lustful hare, which tells about his success in bed. And this is just the beginning!..

Olga Makarova, the investigative police and the mother of one of pupils expelled all the children from the Assembly hall to tell parents the terrible news. This summer will be remembered not only by the holidays, but two mysterious deaths of teenagers. They were found dead on the pavement under the high-rise buildings. Law enforcement officers alerted by one, students left farewell notes, although these deaths are similar to suicide.

Watch all episodes of drama series First signs at this link!

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