The first photo from the crash site of the An-26 in Zaporozhye appeared

 The first photo from the AN-26 crash site in Zaporozhye has appeared

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A photo from the crash site of the AN-26 aircraft near Mikhailovka, Zaporozhye region has appeared on the net.

“Details on the crash of the AN-26 aircraft ! The first photo from the scene,” the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration wrote, accompanying the post with the corresponding photo.

Let us remind you that today at 09:00 an AN-26 plane crashed, which, according to preliminary information, belonged to Ukraine. The aircraft was on a technical flight. Subsequently, it became known that this was a civilian aircraft and it had nothing to do with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

So far, one dead and two wounded are known. Now the number of the crew and the reasons for the crash are being investigated.

According to preliminary and yet unconfirmed information, the plane hit an electrical pole, causing the engine to catch fire. The State Emergency Service and the relevant authorities are working at the scene. -content/uploads/2022/04/54a908f82ac63461e632ca0f4961b561.png” alt=” The first photo from the crash site of the AN-26 in Zaporozhye appeared ” />

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