The first ever transgender Barbie doll went on sale

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 The first ever transgender Barbie doll went on sale< The Washington Post . The toy was created with the help of transgender actress Laverne Cox, who speaks for sexual minorities. The doll was created in the image. What does the new Barbie look like? Cox showed in a Youtube video. The actress expressed her hope that the transgender Barbie would help the “stigmatized” children to feel hope and realize that there are many opportunities ahead of them. New Barbie doll; included in a special limited collection, which Mattel dedicated to outstanding women. One toy costs $40 – a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to philanthropists who protect the rights of transgender people. A few weeks ago, Mattel introduced a new Barbie. hearing aid, and even earlier— in 2019— made the doll with a prosthesis instead of the left leg and in a wheelchair.

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