The first CT scanner in Beit Shemesh – in the diagnostic center “Mor”

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 The first CT scanner in Beit Shemesh - in the diagnostic center

A new era in Beit Shemesh: the first low-radiation CT (CT) machine has arrived in the city. It will serve the patients of the Clalit Health Insurance Fund. Representatives of the international company Philips have installed the above device, which will be operated by the diagnostic center “Mor”, which is part of the Clalit group. From now on, the CT machine is located in the building of the diagnostic center, in the shopping center on Menachem Porush Street.

This is very important news for the residents of Beit Shemesh, who until now have had to travel outside the city to undergo checks that require
this device.

Eli Cohen, General Manager, MOR Diagnostic Center: “We are constantly working to develop the services we offer and equip our centers with the most advanced and modern medical equipment. CT apparatus — this is the first wave of innovations and services that we are going to bring to Beit Shemesh to bring Clalit patients could use the most advanced medical technologies with maximum accessibility and close to home.

According to Michael Mishuri-Deri, director of the Jerusalem District: Clalit — it is a leader in the city of Beit Shemesh in the provision of medical services, actively implementing medical innovations for the benefit of the inhabitants of the city and its environs. We strive to do our best to ensure that they feel the full value of the application of advanced medical care, including the provision of all necessary services under one roof and without leaving the city. I am glad that our flagship project began to take shape precisely with the installation of a new computerized tomography machine. We will continue to expand the range of medical services offered to Clalit patients. in Beit Shemesh.

Dr. Aliza Bloch, Mayor of Beit Shemesh: “The authorities are responsible for everything that happens in the city, including health issues. Residents of Beit Shemesh can now receive quality medical care without leaving the city, thanks to a medical complex that also includes computed tomography. I want to thank everyone involved in this project and wish everyone good health.

In addition to computed tomography, the Mohr Institute will also provide the following services: virtual colonoscopy, early testing
detection of female diseases, a sleep laboratory and computerized modeling of insoles. In the coming months, a new branch of the Mor diagnostic center is also expected to open. in the shopping center «Hasdera» in Beit Shemesh. The highlight of the new branch will be an ultra-modern device for computed tomography with a reduced level of radiation, — a service that has hitherto been provided outside of Beit Shemesh. All this is accompanied by a thorough approach, high medical quality, professionalism, the use of advanced medical technologies and an emphasis on the individuality of the client. is the largest and most modern network of diagnostic and treatment centers in Israel, with 27 branches located throughout the country. Every year, within the framework of the activities of the “Mahon Mor” network more than a million checks and various procedures are being carried out.

Vika Elkina, Press Secretary of the Jerusalem District

 The first CT scanner in Beit Shemesh - at the Mor Diagnostic Center

 The first CT scanner in Beit Shemesh - in the Mor diagnostic center

New CT device in Beit Shemesh

 The first CT scanner in Beit Shemesh - in the diagnostic center

A group from Clalit and "Mahon Mor" Hosted by: David Schechter (Project Manager, Clalit District in Jerusalem), Sagi Gut (Administrative Director of Mahon Mor) and Daphne Soleimani (Director of Mahon Mor Branches in Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem).

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