The first Barbie veiled finally sees the day

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    Nicolas Beaumont

    Wednesday, November 15, 2017 16:39

    Wednesday, November 15, 2017 16:39

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    A great first in history: the us group Mattel unveils its first Barbie veiled, in honor of the fencer american Ibtihaj Muhammad.

    For the athlete, this is a second personal victory because in 2016, it has been the first American to wear the hijab at the olympic Games. She won a bronze medal.

    A publication is shared by Barbie (@barbie) on 13 Nov. 2017 at 9h02 PST

    Mattel wanted to put forward Ibtihaj so that it continues to inspire women to push the barriers.

    Following the announcement, the fencer is immediately expressed on Twitter: “girls around the world can now play with a Barbie who wears the hijab! It is a childhood dream that becomes reality.”

    A publication shared by Ibtihaj Muhammad (@ibtihajmuhammad) on 14 Nov. 2017 at 14h59 PST

    During his visit to the White House in 2016, she had confided to Barack Obama. “When I think of all those before me and who fought against intolerance and hatred, I say to myself that I must continue this fight, not only for me but also for my community”, she said. So inspiring!

    A publication shared by Ibtihaj Muhammad (@ibtihajmuhammad) on 13 Nov. 2017 16: 57 PST

    For those who would like to get my hands on this doll, it will only be available from 2018. We expect more details with impatience!


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