The fire in the Kiev Park: new details

Пожар в киевском парке: новые подробности

The fire quickly spread to almost all buildings.

Sunday, may 26, a fire occurred in the stands and in the backrooms of a volleyball field in the Park “Murom” reports the with reference to Comments.

A fire in the stands and outbuildings volleyball fields in the Park “Murom” happened almost instantly. The fire quickly spread to almost all buildings. The heat was so strong that all attempts by employees to fight the fire before arrival of rescuers were in vain.

Arrived on a scene rescuers of gschs took about 40 minutes to fully eliminate the fire. Representatives of the company, which owns a volleyball court, said they do not rule out the possibility of arson, however, should await the results of the examination.

As a result of ignition, a large part of the crowd and back was completely burnt. There were teams of rescuers of gschs. The details and cause of the fire will establish a consequence.

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