The Finns are thinking about building a wall on the border with Russia

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 Finns are thinking about building a wall on the border with Russia

The Finnish Border Guard has proposed to build barriers on some sections of the border with Russia in case of a massive influx of refugees. The Minister of the Interior supported the idea.

The proposal for a border wall is contained in a recent report from the Finnish Border Guard. Pasi Kostamovaara, head of the border guard, explained on Monday on the Finnish broadcaster Yle that the wall is needed in case of a catastrophic influx of refugees – spontaneous or specially organized by Russia.

According to the Finnish border guards, the construction of barriers in the most dangerous areas -kilometer border with Russia will cost about 100 million euros.

Finnish Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen, in a conversation with Yle, supported the idea of ​​border guards.

“We know that having barriers at checkpoints and dangerous sections of the border can be useful. I think this is important and should be considered,” Mikkonen said.

Since September 21, when Russian President Putin announced mobilization, the number of Russians crossing the Finnish border has almost tripled, from about three thousand per day to 8-9 thousand per day last weekend.

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