The financing of external operations is completed by 2017

Florence Parly, minister for the Armed forces.


The announcement was made this Wednesday by the minister for the Armed forces Florence Parly itself to the micro of RFI : the cost of the external operations of the armies will be funded this year by other departments to the tune of almost 400 million euros, to the name of the national effort for defense. “We have been heard on a very large demand that we had made to the ministry of Finance, it is the fact that the additional funding for overseas operations would come by the channel of the solidarity government”, she stated during an interview on the sidelines of the Dakar Forum on peace and security in Africa. “The additional funding we needed, almost 400 million euros, will be made by a contribution of other government departments,” and “this is not the budget of the armed forces who will contribute to this additional funding that is necessary to complete the financing of external operations of the year 2017”,-she emphasized.

650 million by 2018

On the estimated total of external operations (Opex) by 2017 – or about 1.45 billion euros – 1.1 billion will be under the budget of the armed forces following trade-offs to be made this summer – which led to the resignation of the chief of staff, general Pierre de Villiers – against only 450 million euros in the previous years. The “extra cost” of Opex, this is the amount to be financed beyond the provision anticipated in the beginning of the year in the budget of the armed forces, so far was shared between all departments on behalf of the national contribution to the defence effort.

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Its gradual transition on the budget of the Armed forces – the provision has to spend 650 million in 2018 and $ 1.1 billion in 2020 – is a source of concern because it could weigh on the means of defence, including the procurement of military equipment. Moreover, the doubt still hangs on the thawing of 700 million euros of loans in the defence budget in 2017. “It is a subject that I have treated since Dakar, since I renewed the requests that I have expressed in the last few weeks of thaw complete these credits. The application is under review and I do not despair, quite the contrary, to be able to get a response in the coming days,” said Florence Parly to RFI.

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