The finalists of the X’s broke up the second time

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The finalists of the “X’s” broke up the second time
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Katya and Vlad talked about the relationship after the reality

After completion of the shooting of the “Expropriations” (New channel) Katya and Vlad has kept secret their relationship and only intrigued in social networks joint photo. But recently the finalists of the second season of “X’s” confess that they are no longer together.

– I fell in love with the flower –began his post in Instagram of Vlad. – A month and a half after we broke up project. Tried to live together and realized that we have completely different values and guidelines.

In the end, public recognition of the boy thanked his ex-girlfriend Katya and wrote that “it was worth it.” No offense talked about their breakup and the girl:

Is a wonderful man and I am grateful to him for 4 years. We very much loved each other, eventually evil goes away, and inside there are only fond memories. It just happens.

The relationship of “x’s” Katya and Vlad messed up jealousy and numerous conflicts. The last straw was a miscarriage, on learning that she had lost the child, she blamed Vlad, and he did not resist, he hit her and Packed my bags and left. Over time, the pair has resumed his fellowship, but to restore the relationship are not resolved. Asked for help in reality “X’s”. The pair managed to reach the final and from the project they left together. But after a month and a half has made the decision to leave, justifying it with different priorities and views on life.


The winners of the show “the X’s” decided to move in together

As a prize, Svetlana and Vasily got 100 thousand hryvnias.

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