The film chopping Mall was renamed through the low box office

Фільм Хижі пташки перейменували через низькі касові збори

Box office Predatory Plaszow was too low

Warner Bros. changed the title of the film “birds of Prey: an Amazing story of Harley Quinn” on “Harley Quinn: birds of Prey”. This decision came after a bad start at the box office.

Whether you change the name of the service, not yet reported.

According to the publication, so the Studio hoped to attract audiences, paying attention to Harley Quinn. Bad name somewhat shifted the focus, and that could adversely affect box office receipts of the film about the popular comic book character.

Film DC “birds of Prey” was released on January 25 in the world, February 6 – in Ukraine. In North America for the first weekend, it grossed $ 33 million with expectations of $ 45-50 million. In world hire the film has collected $ 48 million. Thus, charges of the first weekend turned out to be lower than the budget of film – $ 84,5 million.

Recall that the plot of the film talks about how Harley Quinn decides to make his own team called “birds of Prey”. It includes Black Canary and the Huntress. All these girls were friends of anti-heroes or characters, but is now ready to show that they are able to be not only beautiful app, but rather a serious competition.

Starring: Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Welted, Ewan McGregor, Bojana Novakovic, Chris Messina, and others.

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