The Fellows remain perfect

Les Gaillards restent parfaits

The Fellows of the Cégep de Jonquière has kept their record perfect on the road in the League of college football, division 3, section North-East with a fourth win this season, with the account of 52-18, on the Gauls of the Cégep de La Pocatière.

The locals have made a comeback at the end of the first half to lead 15-14 at the break, but the second half has been completely to the advantage of the Jonquiérois. “It was more difficult in the first half. They have well released and well prepared. They knew where to attack us and did things. The guys were not accustomed to be in trouble after he had been in control in the first three games. It was still young in the team. They wondered a little bit what was happening. At the half, he had to calm down everyone and stay positive. The coaches are not paniquaient not, no one wanted it. A given time, you want to have a little bit of adversity. In the second half, the guys have upped their game a notch and we dominated. It’s really been”, shared head coach of the Lads, Francis Laberge.

“We reacted in the champions and the guys played as a team. We increased the tempo and the Gauls were not able to follow”, he dropped.

The Lads now have an appointment with the Pioneers of Rimouski (3-1) next Saturday in the grounds of the Cégep de Jonquière in a duel for first place in the northeast section.

The three regional teams played on the road Saturday. In Rimouski, the Cougars of Cégep de Chicoutimi (2-2) have failed to cross the goal line and dropped the flag 21-6 in front of the Pioneers (3-1). As the two teams will meet again by the end of the regular schedule, the Rimouskois have taken a serious option on the breakage in case of a tie between two teams in the standings. The kicker William Paquette-Louis has successfully passed all the points in the defeat with two booted of investment. Despite the difficulties offensive, the rusher Jimmy Larouche-Joubert has had a productive day on the job with 163 yards on the ground, but . “I have the impression that we have not played to the height that it is capable to do so. We have known several misfires deep in the enemy territory, of which the line a. We have not completed our sequences offensive what is offensive. We want to offer performance to 60 minutes, that it has not yet been able to do in four games,” grant coach Nicolas Menachi, stating that the defensive had granted only one hit, the other having been marked on the special units.

Finally, the Jeannois du Collège d’alma (2-2) paid for a feast in the face of the Électriks of Shawinigan, imposing to the account of 52-0. The Shawiniganais have all kinds of problems since the beginning of the season and have not made weight in their first four meetings, scoring 20 points and conceded 247 points.

Next week, the Jeannois will receive The Goal on Saturday night, while the Cougars will also be in front of their supporters on Sunday afternoon, face-to-Shawinigan.

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